Help Us Put Our New TV Ad on the Air

This is the :30 second version of the video we released last fall. This is what we plan to run on TV. Please share this with your friends and family. Donate today to help us put this on the air this fall.

Watch Our New Commercial!

Check out the new commercial we released today.  Please share with your family and friends to help us get the word out.  Donate today to help us put our :30 second version of the ad below on the air.

Watch the new video below:

Listen to Our Radio Ads

We have several radio ads that are now out. The first deals with traffic cameras which are nothing but a revenue source. The second ad highlights how Dan will bring fiscal discipline to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department. The third ad Dan promises he will be a sheriff for all the people, and leave partisan politics out of the department. In our fourth ad Dan says he will bring a “no nonsense” approach to law enforcement as Sheriff.

You can listen to the ads using the players below. They are in the order described above.





Donate today to help us keep these ads on the air!

A Blast from the Past!

We invite you to view the debate from the last campaign with Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy and Dan Charleston.